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Project Description
KISS is so simple that you can get your database versioning set in place in less than 15 minutes.
KISS can be integrated into MsBuild or Nant.


1. Create numbered Database Version scripts that are either hand written or created by a tool like DBDiff or RedGate or Whatever.
001-Creating some tables.sql

2.Place all of the Database change scripts in the same folder.

3. Thats it. What you thought it should be more difficult?


KISS is a single executable file and is invoked in the following manner.(I suggest you create a bat file or run it in your Build script)
KISS.exe /f:Kissprops.xml

Kissprops.xml is a simple xml file that specifies the connection string and DataBase Provider that is going to be used.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<Properties xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
<ConnectionString>server=.\SQLEXPRESS;database=KISS;User Id=KissUser;Password=$donate$;</ConnectionString>

Behind the scenes

KISS will first discover what version the database is at by reading from the Version Table you specified (If the table doesn't exist KISS will create it so you don't need to worry about it).
KISS will then run each script that has a version above that of the database.
KISS will execute batch scripts so you can create multiple tables, views etc in the same script.
KISS executes each script as a Transaction so if the script fails the Transaction is rolled back the error message is displayed and execution is stopped. Oh it also returns an error code of 400 so that if you use it with MsBuild or Nant your build will Fail.

Currently Supported DataBases

Sql Server

The source code is small so if you want to add another provider go for it.

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